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Let’s Cinema!

Cinema Bangladesh

We Make, Show, Learn, Teach, Love Cinema!

We firmly believe there is no country of youth. Young people struggling with the same enthusiasm, love of life, love for humanity, dream of a beautiful world. There are different ways and ideal in the fight. Cinema Bangladesh is a film society for them who lifted the camera as a weapon. The state structure sets us separate and wants to dismantle the boundaries of the land. But end of the day in our communication, thoughts can not be interrupted in exchange for a few.

We have created our own ways to combine language, as well as communication language, without limiting all the boundaries, languages and territorial distances. The influence of films in our society is bidirectional. Society is reflected in films and in turn films influence society by changes in representations, challenging audience’s morals and transforming viewers’ opinions. Films are not only influential but also a source of entertainment and escapism.

Bangladesh is the eighth country with largest youngest population (year 10-24) in the world having 48 million young people (source: UN report). Here we are to connect this large young Bangladesh with cinema, named Cinema Bangladesh. Films enhance creative sense and also can create awareness about the importance of education, art, sports and politics and can also warn us about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and other criminal activities. In short, film helps awaken our sense of responsibly and empathy towards such situations.


To establish a global platform for Bangladeshi Films.


Our mission is to give the essence of films to youth and turn them into a power to progress our film industry.


Cinema Bangladesh bagged the prestigious ‘Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020’ for working as an emerging platform of empowerment for the youth over the past few years. Prime Minister’s ICT advisor sajeeb wazed joy announced the winner’s names on Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

Cinema Bangladesh is the first and only film society to win the award in the country.